Why Choose St Anthony's


All are welcome; all belong. 

At St Anthony’s Primary School, we value the importance of community – school staff and families working in partnership to nurture the whole student, academically, spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally.

At St Anthony's Primary School, students are known, cared for and valued in a warm, welcoming and vibrant community of dedicated and passionate staff committed to students feeling a sense of belonging and connection. Your child will experience a school community that will lead them to experience life in all its fullness.

We work in partnership with families to nurture the attributes which will support students to live a meaningful and hope-filled life with integrity, compassion and goodness consistent with the mission of Catholic Education. 

Our collaborative learning spaces allow students to experience the strengths and interests of multiple professionals through a co-teaching approach. This provides our teachers with the flexibility to support students in their academic and social/emotional growth.

At St Anthony’s Primary School, we follow an inquiry-based learning approach. Inquiry-based learning equips all students to become lifelong learners by nurturing wonder, curiosity and agency in the classroom. Students are given opportunities to explore, imagine and create through hands-on, flexible learning experiences. 

By choosing St Anthony’s Primary School, your child will be encouraged to make the world a better place by making Christ-like decisions every day. Through authentic and innovative learning experiences, your child will become a lifelong learner who will contribute to society as an active and discerning citizen. 


Christ lies at the heart of St Anthony's curriculum. We provide our students with a unique faith-based educational experience.

Choosing the best education for your child is one of the most important decisions for a parent. We all desire a schooling experience for our children that not only provides them with exceptional educational opportunities but also nurtures the whole human person.

Choosing a Catholic school will provide your child with a unique educational and Faith experience that seeks to form them into young people of faith, hope, purpose and joy. Our school supports each child to develop a commitment to the core values of the faith;

  • Love of God
  • An opportunity for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ
  • Love and service to others
  • Integrity, goodness and truth.

As a Catholic school, we are a Christ-centred community built on a commitment to the Gospel. We seek to serve the Gospel by accompanying young people in such a way that they may experience the ‘fullness of life’ (John 10:10) in learning and living well.

What you are seeking from an educational experience for your child may be;

  • Diverse learning opportunities
  • A commitment to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical care of each child
  • A place of belonging.

These can all be found at St Anthony's.