At St Anthony's, we recognise that quality sport and physical activity at school has a positive influence on students' confidence, competence, health and motivation to be active at school and throughout their life.

Sport plays a significant role in school life, and we recognise that students have different interests and strengths. Students are provided with a wide range of sporting activities and opportunities to compete in school carnivals, Regional, State and National level competitions. 

At St Anthony's, we inspire your child to be active and experience joyful and meaningful competition within our safe learning environment. We acknowledge the important part that sport can play in the development of teamwork, leadership skills, positive social connections, self-discipline, growth mindset and patience as our students become active and value-based members of society. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in local competitions for Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Cricket, AFL, Hockey and Tennis. Outside coaching is provided termly. In Term 1, all students participate in a gymnastics program. Term 2 sees all students have an athletics training program. Term 3 students participate in weekly dance lessons, and in Term 4, all students have swimming lessons until competent with Stage 3 doing the swim and surviving the course.

Infants participate in daily gross motor activities in Term 4 every year. Weekly PE lessons are provided to every student to teach all fundamental movement skills via fun game-based activities.

At St Anthony's, we want our students to reach their full potential and experience their personal best, creating life-long memorable moments. Our students can participate in the Diocese of Lismore structured representative sport pathway for students (Years 2 - 12), including multiclass students. 


  • School-based carnivals/trials
  • Diocesan carnivals/ trials
  • NSWCPS – Polding carnivals/trials
  • NSW PSSA carnival/trials
  • Australian National Championships