Safe Travel

Pick up and drop off points for students

The following safety measures are in place to ensure that the picking up or dropping off of students is undertaken in a safe manner:

  • Entry and exit signage to the school is located at:
    • Pearl St Entrance and Boomerang St Entrance
  • Designated pick-up and drop-off areas for students are located at:
    • Student Pick up and Drop off Zone is located via the Boomerang St Entrance
  • Pick-up and drop-off areas for students are clearly marked by:
    • Signage
  • Designated pedestrian crossings are:
    • Pearl St
  • Pedestrian walkways are physically protected from designated roadways by:
    • Crossing Guard Before and after school
  • Pedestrian walkways are clearly marked/indicated by:
    • Signage
  • Speed restriction signage is clearly displayed in the school at the following locations:
    • Pearl St Entrance (walking only) and Boomerang St Entrance
  • Students who wish to make their own way to school for the day on their bike, skateboard or scooter are able to: 

Road Safety

Travelling by Bus

To apply for a bus pass: Transport NSW.

For route information regarding bus travel, please visit SURFSIDE BUS SERVICE.

Road Safety Management Plan

RTA Safety on Wheels

School Zone Information