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Parents 4 Learning

‘Parents 4 Learning is a resource to assist teachers and school personnel to strengthen their capacity to engage with parents, families and communities to support children’s learning. Partners4Learning (P4L) provides a portal through which teachers, school administrators and parents can gain access to research, case studies, advice, a bank of practical resources and professional development to support enhanced parent, family and community partnerships within and between school communities.

The P4L resource has been designed to complement the Australian Government’s National Family School Partnership Framework. It is a web-based Centre of Excellence in Parent and Community Engagement funded through the Australian Government’s Smarter Schools Teacher Quality National Partnership.

Parents 4 Learning videos

A parents’ guide to the Australian Curriculum in NSW

Why is it useful?

Understanding how the curriculum is agreed to, developed, structured and taught in schools can be confusing for parents. At the end of every semester parents receive a Report detailing their child’s progress in the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) using an A-E coding system with supporting comments and other school developed descriptions. The following CSO Diocese of Lismore information will assist parents to understand the links between the curriculum and the end of semester student Report.

Parent Information (PDF)

Helping Children read and understand texts – Kindergarten

•Understand the reading process – student’s cognitive ability.

•Learn about the reading process – before, during and after a reading session.

Kindergarten Reading (PDF)

Understanding the reporting process using A-E Common Grade Scale:

A-E Reporting Parent Information (PDF)

Contemporary Learning Framework

The Contemporary Learning Framework (CLF) is an exciting development for all teachers and schools in the Diocese of Lismore. For the first time we have a jointly constructed and unifying statement of beliefs about learning in our diocese. The CLF neatly expresses what we value and believe about learning. The statement guides, challenges and supports the notion of powerful learning.