Our Patron Saint

St Anthony of Padua

Our Man, Our Treasure, Our Protector

Feast Day 13 June

St Anthony – A Special Saint

* Patron for the Poor
* Patron for women wishing to have a child
* Patron for retrieval of lost items

Brief Biography

* Anthony was born at Lisbon in Portugal in 1195
* His baptismal name was Ferdinand
* He was ordained as “Anthony” in 1222 at 27 years of age
* He was known as a gifted intellectual
* A most capable teacher of the friars
* A Missionary preacher and inspiring leader
* Anthony taught theology and scripture
* He became a permanent resident of Padua in 1229
* Anthony died on 13 June, in 1231at the age of 36
* He was canonized on 30th May 1232

Students’ Prayer to St Anthony

“Blessed Anthony, brilliantly endowed with Christian wisdom, I wish to place my studies under your protection. Guided by your example, I wish to draw my best knowledge from the lives of Jesus and Mary. May God the Father of Light grant me, through your intercession, a clear understanding, a retentive memory and a sound judgment. Assist me to study with perseverance so that I may develop God’s gifts in me and use them according to His will. I ask, through you, for success in my examinations as long as it is for God’s honour and my true benefit. Amen.”

Prayer for Trust in God

“Saint Anthony of Padua, you endured much discouragement in your life before finding your calling. Help us to find patience in our own lives and trust God to lead us where we need to go. You preached by example; help us to show others through example the truth of our Faith. Amen.”

A Special Saying of St Anthony

“Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak.”